Tracy Patterson’s Beauty Food Bible – Our Full Review

The Beauty Food BibleHi there and welcome to our review on the Beauty Food Bible by Tracy Patterson.

Like always, this review will be divided into three main sections:

1. The basics section where we talk about the main things you should expect to find inside the Beauty Food Bible.

2. The pros and cons section where you will read about the most important benefits and drawbacks of Tracy Patterson’s guide.

3. The conclusions section about Beauty Food Bible that will sum up our thoughts on this book…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

Beauty Food Bible is an easy to follow guide which focuses mainly on foods that can reverse the aging process. This guide was compiled by “beauty foods” advocate and author Tracy Patterson, who claims that the foods mentioned inside her guide are probably already in your fridge right now and can instantly begin making you feel and look twenty years younger.

Does it ever strike you as odd how some women seem to be impervious to the effects of aging? According to the Beauty Food Bible’s author, this is made possible by the way the body is nourished by the foods we eat. In simple words, when we consume the wrong kind of foods the body begins to collect a buildup of toxins; the dermis, our deepest layers of skin, loses two important components that keep it always young and healthy: elastin and collagen.

To help you understand better what Tracy Patterson offers inside her guide, following is a summary of the main topics covered in the Beauty Food Bible:

  • An extensive list of the most potent foods, as well as many pointers on preparation and where to find them.
  • Another list of foods that will always keep your skin firm and supple. The foods listed here have specific qualities that increase collagen levels and maintain moisture levels.
  • Easy to follow instructions on how you can repair and nourish your skin cells deeply using these powerful antioxidants.
  • Information on two therapeutic masks used by the ancients. These masks can help you eliminate acne.
  • Details on how to make special face masks that are so gentle they will not irritate, dry out or scar sensitive skin.
  • Info on specific foods that will facilitate the detoxification of the dermis and continue to promote your skin’s natural regeneration.
  • Pointers to keep your hair beautiful too, including how to keep your hair from drying and frizzing out, or contracting other problems like dandruff, greasy scalp , split ends, etc.
  • Valuable information on foods that can block the harmful rays of the sun, especially when eaten cooked, and much more…

Bonus Features

In addition to all the features of the Beauty Food Bible’s main guide, Tracy Patterson has also provided two other bonus reports at no additional cost:

Bonus 1

“Skincare Magic” – In this complimentary report you will be given 48 different face masks and scrubs to remedy a number of skin conditions. These are all very budget-friendly and can easily be made at home.

Bonus 2

“Sip The Years Off Your Face” – Here you will find over 50 of Tracy’s all-time favorite juices and smoothies that will not just make your skin healthy and beautiful, but can also fight off hunger attacks…

Go To This Page For More Details About The Beauty Food Bible Guide And The Main Topics That Tracy Patterson Covers Inside!

The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Natural Solution For Long-Term Results

This is the main goal of the Beauty Food Bible guide – to provide people with a completely natural alternative to chemical based skin care products. All of the dietary recommendations, formulas and recipes found in the Beauty Food Bible are designed to nourish your skin from the bottom upwards to ensure this is not just a temporary cover-up but a long term remedy.

Useful For Various Problems

The Beauty Food Bible is not merely a treatment focused on eliminating crow’s feet or sagging skin, but a way of increasing the overall health of the skin from its deepest layers upwards.

Saves You Lots Of Money

The complete set of anti-aging supplements, beauty creams, facial masks and washes, lotions and other such products can cost quite a bit as a routine treatment. Depending on brands and quantities, some women can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars yearly on the quest to regain their youthful beauty.

One of the best things about Beauty Food Bible is that the guide itself is relatively affordable, and the natural ingredients you will use are also quite inexpensive.

Can Be Also Used To Help You Grow Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Part of enhancing and restoring your natural beauty is maintaining healthy beautiful hair. The Beauty Food Bible is also a complement to this issue. The guide provides extensive useful information on how to address some of the problems with the hair like dry scalps, frizzy uncontrollable hair, split ends and hair loss.

Risk-Free Guarantee For 60 Days

This is another advantage of the Beauty Food Bible book because it gives you enough time to verify the effects of the methods for yourself before deciding if it is the right choice for you. If after several weeks you decide that the Beauty Food Bible guide is not what you were expecting, then you can simply ask for a full refund…


The Cons


Results May Vary

Generally, the treatments and remedies provided by Tracy Patterson in the Beauty Food Bible guide are very effective. However, you should remember that every woman has different type of skin, and because of that the effects of the remedies described inside the guide can vary.

Not A “Miracle Pill Solution”

The Beauty Food Bible is not a treatment that you apply once and immediately have baby-soft rosy cheeks by dawn. This will have to be continued diligently and persistently in order to obtain any worthwhile results. If you are looking for a remedy before the big reunion on Saturday night you may want to keep looking.

Sold Only In A Downloadable PDF Format

The Beauty Food Bible is only available for download online and cannot be purchased in hard-copy version. Although this in no way changes the effectiveness of this guide, it does change the experience a little bit and some people who don’t like reading eBooks may consider this a con…

Our Conclusions

As with any other natural health guide, the Beauty Food Bible has its own pluses and minuses, and it is absolutely not a perfect choice for any woman (especially those who try to find an “instant solution” for their problems). Even so, the fact that Tracy Patterson offers a 60 day money-back guarantee means that you can take her guide to a test drive and to verify the effects of the methods inside without having any risk. While this is not the first guide that comes with this kind of guarantee, it is still a very decent offer from Tracy Patterson and something that we truly appreciate…

Personally, we really like that the Beauty Food Bible was designed to offer women natural alternatives to chemical based products, which will not only help them solve various skin problems but also to saves lots of money on the same time. In addition, the fact that this guide can also help maintaining healthy beautiful hair is another big plus that most women will appreciate.

Overall, we will recommend any woman that want to reverse the skin aging process, look younger, and feel healthier without spending tons of money, to give the Beauty Food Bible a try. After all, if you will not find the Beauty Food Bible guide useful for you for any reason, you can simply ask Tracy Patterson to send you a full refund…

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