Understanding Tinnitus Symptoms And Things You Can Do

tinnitus symptomsIf you or a loved one is suffering from unknown ringing in the ears or other related noise, then you may be wondering what tinnitus symptoms are, and what you can do about it. It may surprise you to learn that an estimated 60 million Americans suffer with this condition. More than 15 million suffer from such severe symptoms that they need medical assistance with it. As many as 2 million are so severely affected that it prohibits them from functioning normally in their life.

Tinnitus is a term used by the medical community to describe a condition whereby the afflicted suffer from ringing in the ears even though there is no known source for the noise. Ringing is not the only sound that is heard. Some might hear a hissing sound while others may hear something that sounds like a roar. Still others will hear a clicking sound.

Tinnitus seems to have as many ways of showing itself as it does those who suffer the symptoms. For some, the ringing or whistling may be only occasionally. Others may have a chirping or hissing that is almost constant during waking hours. Still, others have chirping or ringing come intermittently during their waking hours.

Tinnitus symptoms can include sounds that are a single noise, but for some, symptoms include multiple sounds at the same time. From one person, the sound might be just barley audible, while another person may find the noise shattering.

For many, tinnitus and its symptoms seem to occur when it is quiet. This is troublesome because it is when many suffers have time to relax and calm down, that their relaxation time is disturbed or destroyed due to an uncomfortable and annoying sound in their ears.

Tinnitus symptoms can occur when we exhibit certain types of posture or body movements that cause pressure to change in the nerves and muscles which ignite the symptoms.

Some less common symptoms are actual music or tunes that play in the ears or head and can be so real and annoying that some sufferers believe they must be hallucinating. This type of severe tinnitus is suffered usually in people who have had the condition a long time and usually with someone who already has some reduced hearing condition.

Another notable symptom is in those who hear a constant rhythm or sometimes a sound that resembles their heartbeat. This is believed to occur when the flow of blood near the ear changes for one reason or another. Some who suffer with this condition say that they suddenly become more aware of the rhythm of their heart and the flow of the blood.

For some, there is evidence that a physical condition may cause this.  Fatty deposits or plaque forms on the inside of the artery wall. This restricts blood flow and creates this rhythmic sound.

If you have a preexisting condition that has resulted in impaired hearing, then this can actually make you more aware of the sounds coming from with-in your body because you are now less aware of the outside sounds that would otherwise drown out the bodily sounds.

It may be that you are unsure if you have tinnitus. If for some reason you notice that the symptoms occur only when you are in one location, this likely indicates that there is some external noise that is causing the symptoms.

Sometimes this source may be difficult to locate and you therefore think it is just something that is inside you, but it is likely not, if the symptom only occurs at one location. Gas pipes that run underground, noise created by air or road traffic, some air conditioning appliances are some examples of external noise that have caused similar sensations of noises in the ears as tinnitus.

If the sound happens at many locations, then there is a good chance that you do indeed have the condition known as tinnitus.

You may be wondering if there are any cures. At this time there is not. Many are actively researching and testing to try and find a cure for this condition. But to date, that has not come.  It is believed that a cure for tinnitus symptoms is just around the corner. It is thought that at any time things will come together to create that light-bulb moment when the stars align and a cure is revealed.

Until that time comes, there are effective treatments that can help to manage symptoms. While the strategies that have been found to be most effective do help many sufferers, they do not work for everyone.

Sound therapy has been found to be highly effective for many who suffer with the symptoms of tinnitus. There are many products that you can get that will assist you with sound therapy, but you will need to speak with your health care provider to find which one is likely to help you most.

We hope that this post was helpful for you to understand about the most common tinnitus symptoms. For more info about the symptoms of this condition you can also take a quick look at the video below…

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