What Men Want In A Relationship – Tips And Advice

what men want in a relationshipMany women think that men take relationships easy, that to them, too much talk and intimacy is just taking things a bit over the edge. However, what most women fail to realize is that men to think and consider these things; it just that they might have a weird way of showing it.

So, if you are seeking ways of bagging your new catch and ensuring you keep him hooked to you, then you need to get some fact right about men. The goal is to try and understand what men want in a relationship. Be it as such, your efforts as a woman need to be in line with the way a man thinks and reacts while still keeping to your feminine side. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

Here are a few points to help wipe out the greys and make things black and white (clear).

Getting Your Man

Yes, men are the weaker sex when it comes to attraction. Just have the right attitude, look sexy, and have when to play your cards as the easy prey, and you can easily land any man. Well, that is just it; you will have a man that is might not be to your expectation. This is the mistake most women make. Never make it that easy for any man.

Men like a bit of a tussle. Just know that theirs is a game of egos, and making him work to have you will make him cherish you as a treasured price. It’s all a game of when the hunter becomes the hunted, but then in this instance it is the hunter failing to realize he never pounce on his prey but the prey just lying in wait to be catch.

As a woman, you game will be one of wisely handled emotions, both his and yours. Do not think of this as toying with the man’s emotions but a measure taken to help him see he has found more than just some he gets kinky with. This brings us to the other few things that you need to know about, to help you know that your man expects of you as his woman.

Your Approval and Praise

Bear in mind that men have egos, which can at best go over the top. Nevertheless, a woman can easily handle even a man with the biggest of ego and turn him into a baby when in her hands. All she needs to do is know how to play her cards right. Always be easy with your tongue and let your praise loose. Praise him for the efforts he put in to provide and take care of you.

Tell him of the qualities that you find attractive about him. Show your approval of things he does, even if some are things you expect of him to do. All these are not just to rub his ego the right way but to also show him that he is loved and appreciated.

Balance Both Space and Intimacy

It can be a very hard thing to place a finger on for women as many get lost in the fine line between having an intimate relationship with their men and when they say they want their space. Well, truth is everyone needs some personal space. However, when it comes to love and relationships, women are always the eager ones. They want to spend intimate time with their partners.

Men, on the other hand, will also desire the intimacy but not in an equal measure. How does one get intimate and still have issues of space? Truth be told; there is no perfect balance in this. Just bare men will pull away when they feel suffocated or restrained from their free time. Give your man time to engage in his hobbies and hung with his boys once in a while, and he will always come back home to you.

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