Five Great Woodworking Ideas For Beginners

woodworking ideas for beginnersLearning woodworking can be both a rewarding and thrilling experience. In the beginning however, it will need ample time and patience to get good at it. The best way to learn woodworking is starting with simple projects that require only minimal skills and some simple hand tools like nails, hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, handsaws, and layout squares. When trying out woodworking projects always ensure that you wear hand gloves, goggles, as well as other protective clothing.

The following are some five great woodworking ideas for beginners.

1. Chopping Board

A chopping board is the ultimate project for a beginner. Making a chopping board does not require joinery skills or many sophisticated tools but will still offer you a test in some of the most basic woodworking skills. The chopping board project is great for sharpening measuring, cutting skills, and refining woodwork finishing touch skills.

2. Shelves

Shelves are great for giving newbies some experience on finishing skills to the wood. Shelves are slabs of wood that you tether to the wall for holding appliances. The shelf project should not prove hard for a complete newbie at woodworking to finish successfully.

3. Simple Jewelry Box

If you are getting started with woodworking, it is a good idea to focus on creating a simple jewelry box. The jewelry box project does not require sophisticated tools or skills. All you need is one block of wood, a vice, a bottle of glue, and a pencil and the total amount of time it will take you to finish the project is around thirty minutes.

4. Window Box

For those that live in the city, a window box is a great way to add curb appeal to a home that previously looked lifeless and drab. They also provide a great opportunity to do some gardening without necessarily having to change from loafers or sneakers to gumboots. A complete newbie can build a functional window box in just a matter of minutes. All that you require is a few joinery skills, a handsaw, hammer, measuring rule, nails, as well as screwdriver to attach the window box to your house.

5. A Simple Birdhouse

For the woodworking newbies, birdhouses are some of the more challenging but thrilling and invigorating tasks you can ever undertake. For those that double up as bird lovers and keepers it can also be quite rewarding.

Building a birdhouse is a great project for both newbie adult and children woodworkers alike since it does not require the use of sophisticated skills or tools. If you have a few joinery skills, a handsaw, hand drill, hammer, nails, T-Square, and screwdriver then you are ready to start building your first birdhouse.

One twist to the birdhouse though is the fact that every species of bird will require a birdhouse of a different style but the basic skills remain the same.

In conclusion, the five projects discussed above are some of the best woodworking ideas for beginners. If you have ever wanted to try out woodworking, you should consider any if not all of these potential projects.

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